Supercharge your idea with 30 mins of high quality mentorship

Every day there are hundreds of ideas that citizens, particularly young citizens, come up with that could improve and reinvent our systems of law and justice. From ideas that increase literacy and representation to those that solve disputes creatively and quickly. Too many of these go unheard and unloved. With the death of the idea is the discouragement of the person behind it. We want to fix that. After all, the only thing more powerful than an idea whose time has come is a changemaker whose time has come

No Changemaker Left Behind is an initiative as mad as the ideas it seeks to mentor. Every Thursday afternoon, from  4 – 5 pm, proven business and social entrepreneurs will spend 30 minutes one-on-one with anyone who has an idea in law and justice, to and help them expand, refine and strengthen that idea

If you’ve got an idea that you want to bounce off someone, do sign up for your 30-minute slot (slots are allotted on a first-come, first-served basis). If you know someone with an idea do let them know about this initiative.

The criteria to get a slot are three-fold:

  • Have you worked on the idea for at least a month?
  • Have you thoroughly researched your area of work and the problem you’re trying to solve?
  • Do you intend to work on the idea part or full time for the foreseeable future?

If the answer to the above three questions is yes let’s do this.

Say hello to your potential mentors, each exceptional in their own crafts.

Photo of Supriya Sankaran

Supriya Sankaran

Co-Founder, Agami

Supriya is a recovering lawyer, mother, changemaker and aspiring dancer. Though her formal education was at NALSAR University of Law, her real education was at Ashoka Innovators for the Public, where she worked to launch over 100 leading social entrepreneurs across different sectors, support 500 others and co-create projects like the Wellbeing Project. She is also grateful for her stint at Amarchand Mangaldas, as a capital markets lawyer.
Photo of Sachin Malhan

Sachin Malhan

Co-founder, Agami

Before Agami Sachin was the Executive Director of the Changemakers program of leading non-profit Ashoka. Sachin has previously co-founded three ventures in India – test prep pioneer Law School Tutorials (LST, now called CL LST), Rainmaker, a learning and talent platform that ultimately spun off Vahura and, and Inclusive Planet, a venture focused on greater literary access for the visually impaired. For his work in technology, media, social impact and education, Sachin became an INK Fellow in 2010. Sachin is a graduate of NLSIU Bengaluru and began his career with Amarchand Mangaldas in their Mumbai offices.
Ritvik Lukose

Ritvik Lukose

Co-founder & CEO, Vahura; Co-founder & Director, Counselect

Ritvik is a proud father, ex-corporate lawyer and a full-time entrepreneur. He is a graduate of the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. After practising as a corporate lawyer in Mumbai with Amarchand, Ritvik began his entrepreneurial journey in 2007, to co-found ventures in talent management, online learning and the consulting domains. Ritvik has since exited his other ventures, to Co-Lead Vahura and Counselect. He is also a trained mediator and an Advisory Board member of the CAMP Arbitration and Mediation Practice ( in Bangalore.

Vasudevan Srinivasan

Founder, Leverage India

Vasu is a consummate leadership development professional. With over 22+ years of professional experience and having worked in various leadership positions in HR across industries, Vasu founded Leverage-a leadership excellence firm. He strongly advocates and helps professionals acquire an ownership mindset. He and his team work long-term with organizations on business transformation and help strategies become realities. His methodology is holistic and focuses on strategy, mindsets, behaviors, systems/processes and insists on results being measured as transformational impact both for the individual and the organization. Vasu has coached over 100 senior executives on various personal and professional themes and combines business acumen with applied behavioral sciences.
Photo of Pramod Rao

Pramod Rao

Group General Counsel, ICICI Bank

Pramod serves as the Group General Counsel of ICICI Bank, where he oversees the legal function for the ICICI group. Previously, he served as General Counsel for Citi India and as resident partner at Induslaw, where he oversaw its Banking and Finance practice. He is currently a member of Board of Directors of ICICI Securities Ltd, ICICI Prudential Trust Ltd & ICICI Trusteeship Services Ltd. Pramod also serves as a member of the Legal & Banking Operations Committee of Indian Banks' Association (IBA) and of the National Committee for Regulatory Affairs constituted by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). He is the Chairman of the Fund Raising & Resource Mobilization Committee of IDIA and has served as a member of the Governing Board of the NLSIU Alumni Association from 2015-2020. He has a deep interest in LawTech and participates in and contributes to various law and regulatory reform initiatives of the government, regulators and industry forums.

If you’re a proven entrepreneur and want to join this mentor group, please reach out to us. Let’s make that Thursday hour a genuinely happy hour!

The purpose of the NCLB program is to provide thousands of aspiring innovators with access to quality speed-mentorship. NCLB seeks to strike a delicate, and often difficult, balance between touching as many ideas as possible and making a meaningful contribution towards every idea.

If you’re contemplating applying to be a mentor then here is a small self-assessment for you before you apply:

  • Would you regard yourself as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur i.e. you have created brand new initiative(s) independently or inside an organization?
  • Can you help get an idea off the ground by helping the ideator test its boundaries, find creative pathways, test it quickly, identify potential collaborators etc.?
  • Are you confident of providing the above-mentioned perspectives to both for- and non-profit organizations?
  • Can you commit an hour of your time every week for the next 12 months?
  • Are you willing to adapt your mentoring style to what is needed for effective speed-mentoring?