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The only thing more powerful than an idea whose time has come is a changemaker whose time has come

No Changemaker Left Behind is an initiative as mad as the ideas it seeks to mentor. Every Thursday afternoon, from  4 – 5 pm, proven business and social entrepreneurs will spend 30 minutes one-on-one with anyone who has an idea in law and justice, to and help them expand, refine and strengthen that idea

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What Changemakers are saying

Meghana Srinivas

Founder, TrustIn

Ankit Jain

Founder, RESO

The identities of some of the people quoted above have been concealed as sessions between mentors and mentees are confidential, unless waived through consent.

Your Distinguished Mentors

Supriya Sankaran

Co-founder, Agami

Sachin Malhan

Co-founder, Agami

Ritvik Lukose

Co-founder & CEO, Vahura

Vasudevan Srinivasan

Founder, Leverage India

Pramod Rao

Group General Counsel, ICICI Bank

Aparna Mittal

Founder, Samāna Centre for Gender, Policy and Law

Deepa Iyer


Tapish Bhatt

Assistant Director - Strategic University Partnerships, Coursera


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