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Making justice data open and actionable for all

Access to open and actionable justice data has the potential to revolutionize legal research, legal services, reporting, policymaking, and advocacy efforts. It can basically help us build the Alexa for justice!

This initiative was founded in June 2019 to catalyze a data-driven future in law and justice by (i) championing the Open Data Pledge, (ii) catalyzing data and technology Commons for justice, (iii) advocating for open data with government authorities, and (iv) unlocking resources of all types.

History of D4J in India

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Taking the Open Data Movement forward

Summer of Data is a national 5-week program focused on bringing more law students into the open justice data movement. In the first edition of the Summer of Data Program, law students worked under the mentorship of Prof. Rangin Pallav Tripathy of NLU Odisha and Civic Data Lab to create a dataset that profiles the backgrounds of High Court Judges from across India.

OpenNyAI is a mission aimed at developing open source software and datasets to catalyze the creation of AI-powered solutions to improve access to justice in India. The initiative and its output is open source. The generated data-set, trained models, benchmarks and other intellectual outputs will be kept in public domain for anyone to use freely for non-commercial and commercial purposes under open licenses.




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Data is power. Open data is public power. When government and researchers allow their data to be made public, it improves our understanding of the world and makes for better policy.

Nick RobinsonIndependent Researcher

Our Thoughts on D4J

Charcha 2021: Everyone Making Justice 1Data For Justice
August 20, 2021

Charcha 2021: Everyone Making Justice

The eve of India’s 75th Independence Day saw the beginning of a conversation on how citizen agency in the justicemaking process is helping close the gap in our systems of…
RTI Applications: How burdened is the Government?Data For Justice
July 30, 2021

RTI Applications: How burdened is the Government?

The Central Board of Secondary Education & Anr. vs. Aditya Bandopadhyay and Ors. judgement in 2011, immortalised the common refrain that has been seemingly ringing through the ears of RTI…
B.PAC in association with Agami: Transforming Law and Justice 2VideosData For Justice
July 29, 2021

B.PAC in association with Agami: Transforming Law and Justice

Join the Open Data Movement

We are advancing the open data movement in India by investing in and increasing the capacity of a wide range of actors to use and work with open data to serve justice.

Data For Justice (D4J) 3

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A Full History of D4J

How Online Dispute Resolution spread in India

Data For Justice (D4J) 3

Open Data Pledge

The Open Legal Data Pledge is a public pledge made by changemakers like you: organizations, individuals and philanthropies, committed to transforming the legal and justice system by creating public resources. The Open Legal Data Pledge is designed to foster an environment in which changemakers share, build-upon and co-create datasets to make a more inclusive, transparent, and accountable system of law and justice.  

Join this growing community of changemakers by committing to legally and legitimately  share raw/processed datasets and software code under open licenses. 

Data for Justice Challenge

We asked the community –

How might we enable everyone to share, build upon and co-create datasets in law and justice?

We launched a challenge under two track identifying innovators to –

Create a Hub – We received 15 applications (from entrepreneurs, technologists, universities, research centers)

Create Datasets – We received 35 applications (from researchers, civil society organizations & journalists)

Data For Justice (D4J) 5

JusticeHub Launch

A jury of eminent individuals selected CivicDataLab to develop the JusticeHub, as a result of the Data for Justice Challenge. 

JusticeHub empowers communities for data-driven justice by making legal and justice data open, accessible and actionable.

By becoming a shared and open resource for discovering and publishing justice data and related information, JusticeHub aims to increase the access to and interoperability of data. JusticeHub aims to advance the open data movement in India by investing in and increasing the capacity of a wide range of actors to use and work with open data to serve justice.


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