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May 30, Sunday 2021:

The poetry, of what inspired us about each other:

Lots of synergy,
Surrendering to reality.
Origins of Ooloi,
Vulnerability and hope.
Amazing courage,
The need to just be,
Kuch bhi bolte hain [when thinking/reflecting] Uff the lightness to show up with,
Childhood lost and waiting to now be found again,
What we are doing is good and we are ok.
Kindness and encouragement.
I was really inspired by Apar sharing his experiences from the first cohort of Agamishaala.
Life of an entrepreneur!
It was inspiring to see the shared emotions and feeling, while at the same time learn something new.
The determination to make this happen.
Connection and community. 🙂
Picture abhii baaki hai mere dostt!!
Each one’s presence.
The courage to try something new and to admit that you are in fact scared.
Honesty and humility, and wanting to learn.
Passion for work.
Living with the uncertainty and respecting the greyness.
Surrendering and the quest for peace and harmony!
And how we have switched sides either becoming atheists or believers!
The question within looms without,
Being vulnerable and optimistic. Yearning for change.
Opportunity of learning.
Let us be.
The need and desire to learn.
Breaking the rigid structures of the past.
Traveling inwards, seeking peace and harmony.
अभी पहली बार जुड़ रही हूँ बहुत कुछ सीखने की इच्छा  है |
Johar saathiyon!
Jai Bhim! Zindabad!

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