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Access to open and actionable justice data has the potential to revolutionize legal research, legal products and services, reporting, policymaking, and advocacy efforts. It can unleash a new age of innovation that can move us much closer to universal access to justice, not to mention anAlexa for justice! Agami’s Data for Justice initiative seeks to create an empowered ecosystem with open and easy access to justice data, created by universities, civil society organizations, companies, researchers, courts, prisons, tribunals, and other public authorities. .

Role Description 

We are looking for a curator who can help catalyze a data-driven future in law and justice including by (i) championing the Open Data Pledge, (ii) enabling the community to create a data and technology commons for justice, (iii) advocating for open data with government authorities, and (iv) unlocking resources of all types. The curator will work closely with Supriya Sankaran, a co-founder of Agami.

The Curator will work closely with researchers, civil society organisations, students, journalists, technologists, funders, law firms and companies to engage them in the data-driven initiatives and amplify their leadership towards our shared vision. 


  • Drive the strategy and development of the Justice Hub – an open shared data and information platform, to deliver the highest value to different users 
    • Identify and creatively engage different actors to share their data and information and work collaboratively as a network
    • Identify strategic and collaborative opportunities to unlock the full potential of legal data (including by advancing progress in Natural Language Processing and other applications in data-driven legaltech)
  • Build effective partnerships that can provide needed resources, support and incentives to advance shared and open data.

Skills & Experience:

Successful candidates will possess most of the following skills and experience:

  • Entrepreneurial Skills: Do you have an intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial track record? The self-permission and critical thinking skills to question the status quo and identify opportunities for action? Have you been able to connect people and partners effectively to advance your work or idea?
  • Creativity: Do you have a wide range of interests and seek out opportunities that demand creativity? Do you identify yourself as a learner?  Are you able to creatively overcome obstacles? 
  • Teamwork: Are you adept at motivating and rallying teams and partners to pursue and grow ideas? Do you thrive in working in an agile work environment with fluid team structures? Do you effectively understand emotions in yourself and in others? Do you have the ability to curate strong networks bringing together individuals across sectors? 
  • Communication: Proven strong oral and writing skills and expertise in customising content for multiple formats and contexts. 

Experience required: We invite applications from candidates across professional backgrounds. Familiarity with data science and technology design will be an advantage. Minimum 5 years of relevant work experience.

About Agami

Agami inspires and enables ideas that solve the biggest challenges in law and justice. Ideas that expand and democratize access to legal services, and help the sector in its journey towards becoming more inclusive and just. At Agami, we curate and catalyze such ideas that go beyond the constraints of the system and become solutions that scale to achieve impactful results. And we do this with a mindset of collaboration, abundance and transparency. We hope that when we are done, the law and justice sector will no longer be seen as archaic, opaque and insular, but a robust, thriving ecosystem that provides efficient, affordable and timely access to legal resources for all.

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