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Agami’s collaborative initiatives around Online Dispute Resolution & Data for Justice have been playing a critical role in advancing new ways of serving justice. 

We are hiring a Weaver to support and ensure the achievement of their long-term goals of the two collaborative initiatives. The Weaver will work closely with the Curators of these two initiatives – Keerthana Medarametla & Saurabh Karn, respectively. 

Role Description 

The Weaver will work closely with the Curators of the two named initiatives, other members of the Agami team, members of Agami’s community of innovators, and with key partners in the ecosystems of those initiatives. 


  • Advance Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Collaborative Initiative: With a commitment to reimagine the future of dispute resolution in India, and to enable resolving disputes outside of courts using technology, mediation, negotiation, arbitration – Agami launched the ODR initiative in December 2018. Since then, Agami has been nurturing the ODR ecosystem by accelerating ODR startups, creating demand amongst business, society and government, and unlocking resources of all types. The Weaver will be largely responsible for strategizing and executing ideas for the ecosystem, and telling the story of ODR to inspire action. 
  • Advance Data for Justice: Agami is committed to enabling more changemakers to see and solve justice problems using data. Towards this, Agami has already co-created Justice Hub, an open platform for anyone to share and build upon justice data. The Weaver will be largely responsible to support the creation and execution of strategies to grow the community of changemakers who will create and use data for justice. 

Alongside curating the ecosystems for both these initiatives, the Weaver will also evolve to support the broader goals of Agami, such as AgamiShaala or Agami Prize. Our expectation is that the involvement in the two present initiatives will equip the Weaver with the experience, insights and tools to create and lead their own in the future.    

It is the responsibility of the Weaver to bring their whole self to Agami and contribute to the wellbeing, creativity and collective spirit of not just the team but the entire Agami network of innovators and changemakers.  The role is based in Bangalore. 

Skills & Experience:

Successful candidates will possess most of the following skills and experience:

  • Entrepreneurial Skills:  Do you see yourself as being able to propose and develop new ideas? Are you able to effectively seek inputs from different people to grow and refine the idea? 
  • Creativity: Do you have a wide range of interests and seek out opportunities that demand creativity? Do you identify yourself as a learner?  Are you able to creatively overcome obstacles, propose constructive ideas? Do you bring a creative approach to your everyday work?
  • Teamwork: Do you thrive in working in an agile work environment with fluid team structures? Do you effectively understand emotions in yourself and in others? Are you open to constructive feedback? Would you see yourself as a person who creates a positive work environment for others?
  • Communication: Do you have strong interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills to share your ideas? 

You need not be a lawyer – in fact we welcome people from other disciplines and particularly call out to multi-disciplinary folks eg. lawyer-designer, lawyer-coder etc –  but you must have a demonstrated interest in or meaningful exposure to systems of law and justice.

About Agami

Agami inspires and enables ideas that solve the biggest challenges in law and justice. Ideas that expand and democratize access to legal services, and help the sector in its journey towards becoming more inclusive and just. At Agami, we curate and catalyze such ideas that go beyond the constraints of the system and become solutions that scale to achieve impactful results. And we do this with a mindset of collaboration, abundance and transparency. We hope that when we are done, the law and justice sector will no longer be seen as archaic, opaque and insular, but a robust, thriving ecosystem that provides efficient, affordable and timely access to legal resources for all.

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