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The movement towards justice is being led by Young India

Creativity, playfulness, fresh energy – young changemakers are bringing something new to problem-solving for justice. From being seekers of justice they are shifting into purposeful and thoughtful leaders. They know how to understand the needs of people, mobilise communities, work with local authorities and processes, deal with imperfect information, create awareness, find solutions and take action.


Are you a young justicemaker transforming law and justice in India?

Meet some of India’s Young Justicemakers

Vibha Nadig

Founder, OutLawed

Antaraa Vasudev

Founder, Civis

Pranjal Sinha, Akshetha Ashok & Vikram Kumar

Founders, Sama

Yogendra Yadav

Advocate, High Court of Jharkhand

Nikita Sonavane

Founder, Criminal Justice and Police Accountability Project

Suhaib Salman

Founder, Unpad Wakeel & Creative Head, Lawctopus

Abhay Jain & Swapnil Shukla

Founders, Zenith Society for Socio-Legal Empowerment

Disha Wadekar

Founder, Community for the Eradication of Discrimination in Education and Employment & Advocate, Supreme Court of India

Vandita Morarka

Founder, One Future Collective

Akshat Singhal

Founder, Legistify

A Justicemaker draws from their personal pool of resources, knowledge and skill to identify a problem and take action on their own. This entrepreneurial ability serves them well to make smart decisions, move on an issue quickly, and recognise their own power and possibility.
Justice issues are often localised and understood in the context of the community and surroundings in which they originate. A Justicemaker acts in the nowness and is responsive to what is happening around them. A solution is of relevance when it addresses a felt pain point for themself and others in the community.
Justicemakers are typically creative problem solvers who can generate pathways for action. They are leaders who take others along on the journey of collective action. This happens through collaboration, starting a movement, mobilising a community etc.
Justicemaking is not an accidental process. It manifests with purpose and perspective. Justicemakers are driven by wanting to be a part of something bigger than themselves; to bring about a change; to transform our collective experience of justice.

The Anatomy of a Young Justicemaker

At the heart of it, Justice Changemaking, or Justicemaking uses creativity and collaborative action to create solutions that have justice outcomes for a community.

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Nurturing Youth Leadership in Justice

Our systems of law and justice have historically been seen outside the scope of individual, and especially youth, intervention. By creating access to knowledge, opportunities to participate, implement solutions, and curating leadership journeys, each of these initiatives are working to realise the agency and possibility of young people to step forward with creativity and confidence to create justice solutions for themselves and their communities.

We primarily work with young people because we have tried enough with adults... They have formalised, institutionalised and inherited issues.

Abhay JainCo-founder, Zenith - Society for Socio-Legal Empowerment

You don't need to be lawyer to be involved in law & justice. Law is often see as largely theoretical; I'm trying to make it more action oriented. "

Vibha NadigFounder, OutLawed

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