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Agami Summit 2023

The Agami Summit is the annual residential gathering of over 300+ leading changemakers innovating across systems to boldly transform the field of law & justice.


Build with Jugalbandi

An open AI software stack from OpenNyAI that combines the power of GPT 3.5 and 5 and Indian 'Bhashini' language translation models to power conversational AI for justice solutions


OpenNyAI Makerspace

OpenNyAI Makerspace was a 5 day residency in TinkerHub Kochi for changemakers to build powerful justice solutions using cutting edge AI


Agamishaala 2023

A powerful learning space and community for leaders in law and justice innovation.

Agami Prize 2022

And the finalists and winners are..


Agami is a movement of ideas and people seeking to transform the experience of Justice in India

We believe that the only way we can radically improve our experience of law and justice in India is if millions of citizens go beyond merely seeking justice to creating solutions that make justice for themselves and for their communities.







No longer is Justice sought, it is made.

Whether you’re an innovator, a problem-solver, a storyteller, a business leader, an enthusiastic student, or even someone who just loves to connect the dots and make impact, if you’re making or advancing justice solutions then you’re on the path to being a Justicemaker.

Free 30 Min Speed Mentorship

No Changemaker Left Behind (NCLB)

30 minutes of free mentorship with some of the most prominent leaders in the sector.

Learning Space for Innovators


Immersive journey for high caliber Justicemakers committed to advancing ideas that serve justice.

Recognising Justice Innovators

Agami Prize

Recognising changemakers in law and justice whose work is transforming the field.

“The impact of a correct mentor in every aspect of your life can be beyond any expectations. I have always been blessed to have excellent mentors and in this initiative, I was able to gain the much needed clarity and a roadmap moving forward.”

Rashmi ShuklaFounder & CEO, Chandrodaya Education

“Agami is a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, leaders, and change-makers from a variety of backgrounds, all together in their mission to create impact to access to justice. Agami has brought together an eclectic bunch, and enabled a great platform for sharing and collaborating on BIG ideas.”

Pulkit AnandCo-Founder, Provakil

Peek into our thoughts, insights and knowledge

Online Dispute Resolution
January 20, 2023

#JustTech: The Revolution of Online Dispute Resolution

What makes Online Dispute Resolution special? Apart from being cost-effective, time-sensitive, and simple, it also allows parties greater autonomy over how they want to resolve their dispute. ODR presents a…
Data For Justice
November 1, 2021

Recognition of Transgender Persons in Indian Prisons

On 27th November 2020, the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) published ‘Lost Identity: Transgender Persons in Indian Prisons’. The report analyses the rights and treatment of the LGBTI+ community, confined…
Young Justicemaking
October 27, 2021

BIC Streams: The Next Generation of Justicemakers

Getting to Know the Young People Leading the Justice Movement. When the building blocks of justice are rooted in human capacity and emotion to affect change, how does it transform…

Agamiscape 2020

Discover the landscape of innovation in law and justice in India

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ODR Handbook

Valuable insights and learnings to equip you to successfully adopt ODR

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Explore Agami’s collaborative initiatives

Online Dispute Resolution

Supporting the ecosystem of platforms resolving disputes at scale, equitably and efficiently


Building an AI ecosytem to advance justice innovations

Digital Courts

Building courts that are more inclusive and intuitive, through technology

Next Gen. Justicemakers

Building a movement of Young Justicemakers in India

Do you have an idea that serves justice?

Connect with us to collaborate, share your ideas, identify opportunities in the sector or generally chat over a virtual cup of tea.