Can AI enable every citizen to have improved access to justice? Can every citizen be an agent of/for justice? Listen in to this stellar group of people and explore the full potential of legal data.

What can AI make possible for law & justice?

Here is a collection of NLP resources

A white paper written by Jameson Dempsey who was one of our panellist in the public webinar.

Open sourced, deep learning models for Indic language using publicly available corpora

The imagenet project (teaching computers to understand pictures) that we also referred to in the webinar.

Quick analysis of Google BERT, that we kept referring to in the webinar.

Is Law’s Moat Evaporating?: Implications of Recent NLP Breakthroughs.

Based in UK, well known for their recent Blackstone vector model that has over 613,000 512-dimension embeddings for words and phrases found in English legal texts.