Survey: Disputes arising out of COVID-19 (2 minute survey)

At the beginning of the year who would have thought that in March and April we would be where we are – under a complete lockdown, a major health threat and an economic crisis like we haven’t seen in our lifetimes. The pandemic has affected people and businesses across the board, and put an immense amount of pressure on limited resources and budgets. As we brace ourselves for what lies ahead, what we can expect for certain is an increase in the number of disputes. Now is a crucial time to consider the following:

  1. The nature of disputes that have arisen, or will arise
  2. Identify mechanisms to resolve these disputes efficiently, affordably, and at scale

At Agami, we’re committed to ideas that serve justice, and we see a significant opportunity to accelerate the justice needs of 1.3 billion Indians via online dispute resolution. To this end, we want to learn about sectors anticipating an increase in disputes, nature of disputes expected, and accordingly catalyze ideas to serve those needs. Thank you for taking the survey 🙂

ODR Disputes Survey
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In your sector, what kind of grievances or disputes do you most expect due to COVID19? *
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We may reach out to you to better understand the problems you are facing and might be able to suggest effective recourse. Agami is a non-profit organization, trying to improve access to justice, by catalyzing radical ideas that serve justice.
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