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Panchgani | Dec 9-11


Agami Summit is a residential 3-day gathering of over 200+ innovators, leaders and changemakers under one roof, to find inspiration, build a strong network and go on to transform the field of law and justice.

Watch the highlights from Summit 2019

A Few Keynotes From Agami Summit 2019

Amit Mishra & Harinder Singh

When a jailer and inmate got together to change Haryana prisons

Faye D’Souza

The future of Indian media, and what it means for law and justice

Abhay Jain

Can justice be served outside the courts?

What to expect at Agami Summit 2022

Here are some of the highlights

Fully Residential

For the first time, all Summit attendees will stay together on campus


Agami Summit 2022 will be hosted in Asia Plateau, Panchgani - 2 hours drive from Pune

3 Powerful Days

Agami Summit 2022 will take place over 3 Days and 2 Nights, from December 9-11, 2022

All Inclusive Pass

The Summit Pass cost includes stay and food for all days

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What people say about the Summit

Vakasha Sachdev, The Quint

“…Trying to bring everyone together, that’s what a Summit like this is really good at…”

Faye D’Souza, Independent Journalist

“This is my second time at the Agami Summit, and I think Summits like this are really important..”

Nasr-Ul-Hadi, PROTO

“I think Summits like this are important for cross-disciplinary collaboration…”

When will the agenda be out?

And other frequently asked questions

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In case we’ve not answered your questions in the FAQ or other parts of this page, feel free to reach out to us with your queries.

Can I come for a day?

No. We request that everyone spend the entire 3 days – 2 nights at the Summit to gain the whole experience. The Summit is a carefully crafted journey to help the field and all its people take a quantum leap forward. It cannot be experienced through a slice.

Can I stay at a different place than the Asia Plateau?

We strongly encourage to stay at the Asia Plateau but if you have a specific family / health situation and need to stay at another site please let us know in advance and we can help you with that.

I cannot afford the full pass. Can I receive some support?

If you cannot afford the full pass please reach out to us to evaluate whether you are eligible for a discounted Supported Pass at Rs.5000.

When will the full agenda be released?

Version 1 of the Agenda will be released on June 30. A more advanced Final Agenda will be ready by September 30.

Can I only come for the OpenNyAI Summit?

No. The OpenNyAI Summit is designed to be fully integrated into the Agami Summit. 

How do I get to the Asia Plateau from Pune?

Asia Plateau is a 68-acre campus situated at an altitude of 1,300 meters in Panchgani, just a 100 kms away from Pune, and 248 kms from Mumbai. Pune is the nearest railway station and airport. Frequent buses and taxis are available from Pune to Panchgani (buses take 3 hours and taxis 2 hours). Direct buses are also available from Mumbai to Panchgani.

What are the rules on Campus?

  • The campus strictly does not allow alcohol, smoking or any prohibited substances from being consumed within the premises
  • Another important aspect of the centre is community living and being a part of practical work. Wash-up of used plates, glasses, etc. and clearing of the dining area is one such activity done by teams in rotation with a lot of singing and fun
  • There is a zero tolerance policy against sexual harassment, unwelcome advances or comments, or otherwise poor behaviour towards others who will be sharing the space. Any reported incidents will result in immediate removal from the premises, and/or the accused person may be reported to the local police

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