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Agami advances ideas that serve justice. Agami does this by identifying ideas, reframing problems, curating leaders and catalysing collaborative action. And we do this with a mindset of abundance and transparency.
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The Agami Challenges on Online Dispute Resolution and Data for Justice, have enabled the launch of two collaborative initiatives and communities (including start-ups, civil society, technologists and researchers) around these areas.

Collaborative Initiative

Online Dispute Resolution

Creating Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) solutions to resolve millions of disputes outside the courts.

In partnership with

Collaborative Initiative

Data for Justice

Empowering everyone to access, leverage and contextualise justice datasets by opening data and technology.

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Network Impact

Land Conflict Watch bags Innovation Grant

N/Core and Omidyar Network India Advisors are thrilled to announce the winners of the Research Innovation Grant in land and housing inclusivity – Centre for Wildlife Studies (CWS India), Fields of View and Land Conflict Watch! The winners will each receive an innovation grant of INR 25-30 lakhs to conduct solution-oriented research on topics critical to poverty alleviation.

Agami Summit & Agami Prize

The Agami Prize and Agami Summit work together to identify, celebrate and amplify transformative innovations from across the public, private and citizen sector. The Agami community is growing every day to trigger an irreversible movement for changemaking in law and justice.

Watch the highlights from Summit 2019

“The Agami Summit 2019 has been great! It was provocative and collaborative, which is critical to the space that we work in - Criminal Justice. It's a difficult space that we operate in [Law & Justice]. So to get different stakeholders, including the general public, was such an inspiration.”

Anup SurendranathProject 39A

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