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Now We Make Justice

The Story of the Agami movement – 2021







Agami is a movement of ideas and people
seeking to transform the experience of Justice in India
Sachin in conversation

“Agami is a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, leaders, and change-makers from a variety of backgrounds, all together in their mission to create impact to access to justice. Agami has brought together an eclectic bunch, and enabled a great platform for sharing and collaborating on BIG ideas.”

Pulkit AnandFounder, Provakil

“Agami recognized that online dispute resolution could address pendency and resolution mistrust more exponentially than just focusing on fixing the courts. They've then played an instrumental role to painstakingly build the ecosystem and movement to make ODR a reality. Three years down it has become a reality.”

Akshetha AshokCo Founder, SAMA

Old Story vs. New Story

ODR Old Story
Agami is primarily a gardener
The Agami Playbook

Tell the Change Story


Reframe for New Possibilities


Discover and Curate the People and Ideas


Catalyze Exponential Steps

The Agami Flip

Hover over the boxes to reveal the future Agami envisions

Isolated Changemakers
Many connected Changemakers
No Public Resources
Many Public Goods
Sharply Defined Siloes
Cross-silo Collaborations
Entrenched Stakeholders
New Players
Activism Approach
Entrepreneurial Approach

Evolving an Ecosystem for Dispute Resolution

Catalyzing an ODR Startup Ecosystem

From 3 active startups in 2018 we now have 21, of which 5 have raised seed or advanced funding

Getting Business, Judiciary and Govt Buy-in for Private ODR

From 0 enterprise adopters in 2018 we now have 74 enterprises piloting ODR, active support from the Judiciary, and direct representation by the NITI Aayog and the Ministry

Building a Robust Community of Innovators and Leaders

From isolated actors in 2018 we now have a 100+ community of innovators, experts and champions that are collaborating on advancing ODR

Enabling Critical Collaborations for Domain-Specific ODR

Active ODR collaborations in relation to Financial Services, Account Aggregators Ecosystem, Property Tax, and MSME Disputes.

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History of ODR in India

Accelerating Digital Courts in India

Since early 2020, we’ve pursued the vision of a vibrant digital courts system-of-systems in India by:

  • Building a coalition of organizations to support the SC E-Committee in designing the roadmap and developing digital courts for India
  • Soliciting public feedback, for the first time, on the vision document of the SC E-Committee
  • We are now exploring how we can support state-level innovations that could advance digital courts within the framework of vision document.
Courts of Today Courts of Tomorrow

Enabling an Open Data Ecosystem in India

Catalyzing the Creation of a Data-Sharing Hub for Law and Justice Data

The Justicehub now has 50+ unique justice datasets including

Developing a Community of Data Creators and Users

There are now 90+ organizations and individuals collaborating on creating and sharing justice datasets

Driving Domain-specific Data Collaboratives

Active data collaborations in Central and State Justice Budget Data, Court Performance Data and Justice System(s) Performance Data

Enabling Students to Participate in the Creation and Use of Justice Datasets

Two cohorts of collectively 100+ students from 50 colleges are working on creating justice datasets.

Catalyzing AI Public Goods for Law and Justice

Creating critical public goods such as open datasets, open AI tools and benchmarks to driven the next generation of AI solutions in Justice. Towards this we are –

  • Building a coalition of Individual & Institutional Collaborators
  • Empowering students to participate in dataset creation
  • Driving the adoption of these resources in the wider community
Open NyAi Induction

Mainstreaming Young People Leadership in Law and Justice

Agamishaala Logo
Build the leadership
of the highest potential innovators in law and justice
Agami Prize
Establish the Story of Justicemaking
as a rich and active phenomena
Build a network
of the top justicemakers in the field

Agami’s impact in the sector

From the rapid resolution of thousands of small disputes to the adoption of ODR by large corporates to the creation of budgets for digital court implementation, we’re already seeing the impact of our work in the space.

Agami Initiative Strands
700+ network members including lawyers, entrepreneurs, data scientists and grassroots changemakers
Robust ODR startup ecosystem with 21* startups cheered on by NITI Aayog and Judiciary
8 Lok Adalats done digitally by SAMA, 500K+ cases resolved online in days not years
SC consults public on E-Courts Vision Roadmap including through Agami Prize winner CIVIS and gets over 200+ pieces of feedback
ICICI Bank commits 10,000 disputes to ODR
NALSA commits to digitize all legal aid case management through Provakil (Agami Prize 2018 Winner)
Account Aggregator Ecosystem publics adopts ODR and empanels providers
80% of Agami Prize finalists since 2018 have raised independent financing and are market leaders in their domains
45 leading innovators in law and justice credit Agami with fundamentally reshaping their leadership in the field
Leading National Law University incorporates open dataset creation as a credit-earning activity for law students
Why solve one justice problem when you can create a problem-solving movement?

Agami has filled a critical gap in public leadership for the law and justice space by focusing on individual and collective entrepreneurship towards better systems.

Pramod RaoGroup General Counsel, ICICI Bank

Agami is responsible for building the ODR movement in India - from a dream to tangible impact.

Chittu NagarajanGlobal ODR Pioneer

Every sector needs a platform like Agami that can accelerate everybodys work by creating critical public goods, unlocking resources, discovering new ideas and showing the way for collective leadership.

Antaraa VasudevFounder, CIVIS

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