Agami advances ideas that serve justice. Agami does this by identifying ideas, reframing problems, curating leaders and catalysing collaborative action. And we do this with a mindset of abundance and transparency.
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Our core team is comprised of individuals from diverse disciplines, united by a common passion for justice.

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Supriya Sankaran

Supriya is a recovering lawyer, mother, changemaker and aspiring dancer. Though her formal education was at NALSAR University of Law, her real education was at Ashoka Innovators for the Public, where she worked to launch over 100 leading social entrepreneurs across different sectors, support 500 others and co-create projects like the Wellbeing Project. She is also grateful for her stint at Amarchand Mangaldas, as a capital markets lawyer.
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Sachin Malhan

Before Agami Sachin was the Executive Director of the Changemakers program of leading non-profit Ashoka. Sachin has previously co-founded three ventures in India – test prep pioneer Law School Tutorials (LST, now called CL LST), Rainmaker, a learning and talent platform that ultimately spun off Vahura and, and Inclusive Planet, a venture focused on greater literary access for the visually impaired. For his work in technology, media, social impact and education, Sachin became an INK Fellow in 2010. Sachin is a graduate of NLSIU Bengaluru and began his career with Amarchand Mangaldas in their Mumbai offices.
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Akhil Bhardwaj

“Akhil is a lawyer currently focused on reimagining dispute resolution in India. Before Agami, he spent five years litigating commercial disputes, first at a law firm and then at his private practice in information tech policy. Akhil enjoys carpentry, coffee and chasing clouds, though you may also find him at a water body, reading or pet-sitting. If you find him, bring him cheesecake.
Photo of Keerthana Medarametla

Keerthana Medarametla

Keerthana is a lawyer by education, a researcher at heart, and is passionate about building communities and creating opportunities that work better for the society, particularly the legal system. Outside of work, you will find her exploring and talking about mental health, or persistently trying to be a morning person. Before Agami, she was a Senior Research Fellow at CLPG, NLU Delhi. She completed her BA.LLB from NLU Delhi and LL.M from Harvard Law School.
Photo of Artika Raj

Artika Raj

Artika is a news junky who loves to do puzzles, especially when they come as challenges that require putting together the right people and ideas. At Ashoka Innovators for the Public, where she served last, the world of leading social entrepreneurs gave her an insight into what is transformative change. A lit-major from Delhi University, she's worked in print media and as Managing Editor of the digital platform, Youth Ki Awaaz.
Photo of Saurav Roy

Saurav Roy

Growing up around conflicts & violence, Saurav found his early curiosity in peace-building. At 12, he started various initiatives to curb out violence, bullying and drug abuse among his friends. At 18, he founded a start-up that provided walking tours and became the youngest Global IDEX Fellow at 19. Before joining Agami, he lived in Dhaka, where he worked for Ashoka Innovators for Public finding system change social entrepreneurs and young changemakers. Outside of work, you can find Saurav compiling and translating works of Baul philosophy, with a particular focus on Fakir Lalon Shah.
Photo of Urvi Bagaria

Urvi Bagaria

Urvi is passionate about using storytelling & media for social change. Before joining Agami, she worked as a Paralegal at Cuti Hecker Wang LLP, a civil rights litigation firm in New York. There she assisted on cases of police misconduct, employment discrimination, and prisoner’s rights. She completed her BA in Psychology & Politics from NYU in 2016. When she isn’t working, you’ll find her binge-watching shows on Netflix or feeding her penchant for travel.
Photo of Varun Hemachandran

Varun Hemachandran

Varun Hemachandran, founder of Talking Earth, quit his Advertising and Marketing business to dedicate his time to working towards democratizing data to save and improve human life. He believes data is the 5th pillar of democracy. Varun is a Changemaker at Global Action on Poverty (GAP) and a TEDx Speaker on issues related to Climate Change.
Photo of Tammanna Aurora

Tammanna Aurora

Tammanna is a lawyer and a poet shaped by the life and sea-scapes of Goa. Learnings feed her explorations at Agami. From volunteering with VSO-ICS in rural Jharkhand, freelancing on projects, and working on cases of sexual harassment, environment protection, intellectual property rights, and family and land disputes. She is also fascinated by the intersection of the laws and the arts. She wants to be a poem.
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Jahnavi Jayanth

Network Weaver

Jahnavi began working in the Indian impact sector at 15 after quitting formal schooling, before obtaining a degree from Minerva Schools at KGI, specialising in cognitive neurosciences and social impact. Alongside her journey at Agami, she is the co-founder of Bolti Bandh, an initiative reimagining political progress by creating and driving a social ecosystem to depolarize political dialogue. She's known by those who love her and dislike her, to be fiercely opinionated, quick to pen her thoughts down on paper, and obsessed (a healthy amount) with mental-wellbeing and dance.
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