Making justice data open and actionable for all.

Access to open and actionable justice data has the potential to revolutionize legal research, legal services, reporting, policymaking, advocacy efforts, and provision of services to a wide range of actors. It can literally help us build the Alexa for justice! Access to justice data, created by universities, civil society organizations, researchers, courts, prisons, tribunals, and other public authorities has the potential to empower various users to explore, leverage, and contextualize the same datasets differently.

This initiative was founded in June 2019 to catalyze a data-driven future in law and justice by (i) championing the Open Data Pledge, (ii) catalyzing data and technology Commons for justice, (iii) advocating for open data with government authorities, and (iv) unlocking resources of all types.

Data for Justice meetup
Data forjustice meetup

Data is power. Open data is public power. When government and researchers allow their data to be made public, it improves our understanding of the world and makes for better policy.

Nick RobinsonIndependent researcher
Data for Justice 1

Join researchers, civil society organizations and philanthropies to share and co-create justice datasets.