Digital Courts 1


Building courts that are more inclusive and intuitive, through technology

In January 2020 the ideas of virtual courts and online hearings were audacious, they no longer are. The challenges posed by COVID-19 spurred the judiciary to confront and overcome its resistance to radical changes. We’re now at the crossroads where the right technological injection along with reengineering of court processes can realise a future of democratised access to justice.

Digital Courts 1

Recent activities

Phase 3 and the Supreme Court E-Committee

In June 2020, Agami along with Daksh and Vidhi accepted the invitation to be part of the Supreme Court E-Committee as experts to envision and implement the digital courts initiative. 

We are currently drafting the Vision Document for phase 3 of the e-courts project and planning initiatives related to its rollout. Watch this space for more soon!

A Roadmap

In May 2020, through a collaborative effort we anchored with CLPG, CAM, NIPFP, CSJ, Daksh and Vidhi we offered a roadmap of how to realise the concept of digital courts to the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. We charted a path to digitisation, analysing the different roadblocks that may arise along the way and offered possible methods of overcoming them. 

What we’re building for





What we are exploring

How might we design the architecture of the digital platform to ensure it is agile, unified not uniform and context specific?

How might we ensure optimal utilization of judicial capabilities and ensure adequate technical competencies in the design and implementation of Phase 3?

How might we employ technology in a transformative role by enabling users to perform tasks or deliver certain services that would not have been previously possible?

How might we leverage market innovation and capabilities to advance adoption?

Using open APIs, a reusable and extensible modular architecture, open and interoperable source codes, how might we design solutions that are evolutionary?

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