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Dear Community,

We may never need another reminder that the universe laughs at our best laid plans. At the beginning of the year who would have thought that in March we would be where we are – under a complete lockdown, a major health threat and an economic crisis like we haven’t seen in our lifetimes. We hope you’re taking care of yourself, especially the optimistic, energizing, and caregiving part of you that makes you the person we so love.

We wanted to share with you three things that we’ve been reflecting on a lot:

The first reflection – when we look at the work of the law and justice innovators we know, without exception, every initiative looks incredibly relevant in present times and certainly in the post-Covid world. In fact, in most cases, eg. ODR, Court-Tech and Data, the timelines have been exponentially accelerated.

The second reflection – virtual is no longer Plan B if things don’t change etc. etc. We have to assume that 2020 will be largely contact-free and, consequently, to virtualize every aspect of our work in powerful and creative ways that serve people on the ground. When the physical comes back we’ll cherish it, you bet we will, but we will have built new capacities that amplify our work.

The third reflection – community is more critical than ever. A friend once said that the resources you most need, be they physical, emotional or intellectual, are not within your four walls, of office or home. They are out there with the community. Where are your communities?! Who are your people?!

Surrounded as we are by so much uncertainty, it is those we can count on that we must hold close. One such group is this community, a web of relationships that have often transcended the transactional and become friendships, collaborations, and more.

Take care and reach out. We’re always around.

Supriya & Sachin


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